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Rob, sorry but you are ignoring what happened in Ohio after the "loss" in Klein in...2003, I think it was?

Short form, our guys sued to get CCW (Ohio was a no-permits at all state outside of "special deputies"). The Ohio Supremes said "no you bad gunnies, you don't have a right to CCW because everybody already knows you have a right to open carry so the 2nd Amendment is still alive".

All the gunnies looked at each and said "oh really!?". And the various rotten police chiefs and DAs in Toledo and Cleveland that had been busting OCers for "disturbing the peace" went "oh poop!". Within a year huge open-carry rallies doing happy heavily armed laps around various state and local gov't buildings caused a CCW permit process to get adopted to end the annoyance.

Now. I can tell you for a FACT that California's anti-gunners soon after that first tried to pass an open-carry ban in 2004-2005 timeframe when I was still a California lobbyist for CCRKBA - and BEFORE there were any open-unload-carry protests in California. How do I know? Well not only did I fight those early bills, Irwin Nowick personally told me that they feared Ohio-style protests. First and only time I've ever felt the least bit tempted to strangle somebody on the other side.

So...if you point to our guys in California being in the wrong without knowing the whole story, then sorry, I know you're speaking from ignorance. Worse, you ignore the Ohio experience which is both recent history and an important turning point...if you don't know about than then you're not as serious an activist in this issue as you make out.

What I do know is, with open-carry relatively common in AZ we get more or less zero issues from it. I've never heard of serious harassment over an OC holstered handgun anywhere in AZ even in the lefty strongholds like Tucson (where I'm OCing a New Vaquero right this sec in a Subway sandwich place) and Sedona.

Where we agree is on the open-carry of long arms. That's...a bit much. A handgun is fundamentally defensive in nature. A rifle...esp. a "sport utility rifle"...well it can be argued to be otherwise. I wouldn't do that unless the need was dire - not "political need" but "civil insurrection or massive disaster" need.
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