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paraphaneelia misdemeanor

mi,a friend was pulled over with her mary jane pipe on her while she was conceal carrying she got a misdemeanor paraphaneelia ticket, she very nervous and has contacted me once or twice-i said lawyer up-i work in ems so somehow she thinks ill know, anyways u guys halped me when my guns were confiscated for shooting in the woods maybe u can help me again-her court date is soon in novi mi, shes got spotless record-until now and she isnt a regular smoker -i can vouch i know its not important but i been around her plenty without knowing her business.

so basically what do u think will happen, mi has always been laid back on weed control(at least ive noticed in the detroit area) my brother about 7 years ago only got a fine when he had actual marijuana on him. She is low income in novi mi-not my expertise

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