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Open carry is quite legal in all of Virginia, praise be. I often do so. I have never done so "to make a statement," or to provoke a confrontation with the police, with my iPhone recording the encounter. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. I have not in all my years had any negative contact with law enforcement.

One reason (a tertiary one) is that I actually have a chance to be an ambassador for private carrying in general, in educating folks of what the laws here (in Virginia) actually are. I keep my eyes open and my head on a swivel, but I also open doors for people, help them carry their groceries, whatever. No, I'm no Boy Scout, but I work to be civil. I've actually had the chance to inform good folk that yes, this is legal, and yes, it is normal and good.

This wasn't possible about seventeen years ago. Exercising your rights in this county then could well get you proned out. Not any more. They've all got the memo. Guys willing to open carry, and the work of the VCDL (here in Virginia) made that possible.
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