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Received my LnL AP not quiet two months ago. I had been out of loading for nearly 40 years. When I got back in about two years ago I became aware of the Lee Classic Turret and soon purchased one, along with dies, Pro Auto Disk and Safety Prime. Really liked the whole system, however, pulling the lever 400 times for each 100 rounds really got my shoulder to aching.
I started looking at progressives, not for quantity, but for the fact that it takes 105 pulls of the lever to complete 100 rounds.
I set my LnL up for 38 Super. After the normal mishaps (mostly missed primers) things soon smoothed out and I got along fairly well. After a few hundred I changed things out to load 45 ACP. Really had a lot of primer problems. At one point I couldn't get the primers to drop at all. I finally gave up. As I was putting things away I recalled a post about making sure the primer tube housing and the housing body should not be overly tight. I loosened both before I finished up. Yesterday I loaded 100 45's and still missed three primers, but all at the beginning.
When I finished with the 45's yesterday I changed back to the 38 Super. Sat down this afternoon and ran off 200 rounds with nary a mishap. I even managed a fairly confident "feel" for seating the primers. Have to admit that I checked several to see that a primer had been seated, when they didn't feel just right. But it never failed once to load a primer in the shuttle.
To save myself a lot of learning, I transferred my Lee dies to the bushings and set them up again. I also am using my Pro Auto Disk instead of trying to learn a new powder measure. The PAD works just as well as it did on my LCT, which means EXTREMELY consistent. I also added a RCBS Lock-out die after my first 100 rounds.
The first few times I inserted and removed the bushings I had to use pliers, both ways. However, I can now insert and remove with my fingers. The Lee lockrings with the o-rings WILL turn if you try to remove the die and bushing using them.
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