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Originally Posted by nittany9 View Post
Thanks for all the replies everyone.. The pistol I had ordered is a Ruger sr9c. In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good enough deal to warrant ordering it online but all the negative reviews started showing up a few months after I placed the order. I actually saw the pistol in a Gander Mountain near me a couple of weeks ago. I would have jumped on it if only I had my money back!

So update: I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone at realdealguns lately. They completely stopped answering phone calls and have not responded to emails or calls requesting to cancel my order and issue a refund.

I'll be contacting my credit card company tomorrow to see what can be done. Since I'm a life member I was thinking about also contacting NRA's legal team if it comes down to that. I'm not sure what they would do, if anything, but might be worth a shot if I can't get my money back.
The SR9c is a very easy to get gun around my area (Memphis). All stores keep them in stock

Good luck
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