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Originally Posted by Rob Pincus
We lost the legal right to OC in CA at the beginning of the year and a "gray area" in the MS law was shutdown this summer. Now when the wind blows your concealment garment to the side, you could in violation of law in those states... directly attributable to the guys wearing guns just to provoke confrontation.
I question whether legal OC is the direct cause of a legal restriction of legal OC. It is more likely that people opposed to legal OC in the first place had something to do with that process.

Where OC is legal, a PO who considers OC itself to be confrontational should be better educated on the subject. If every PO responded appropriately, we wouldn't have people carrying video recorders to capture evidence of poor behavior. That we have video in which the carrier looks like the jerk is evidence that PDs are getting better. That didn't happen because people refused to exercise their rights.

Originally Posted by Rob Pincus
Instead of blindly rallying to their defense because they claim to be interested in RKBA, let's rally together around RESPONSIBLE gun ownership and shut the attention seekers down.
If someone captures an abuse on video, that he happens to be subjectively motivated by the attention he would receive is incidental. His activity is data collection, which would help document abuses.

Originally Posted by Rob Pincus
Their bravado is jeopardizing our RKBA and should be seen as an embarrassment to responsible gun owners. When the OC Movement started, people carrying while going about their daily business to show responsibly armed people are part of everyday life, it made some sense... but, the extremists have spun out of control.
Emphasis added.

Isn't not being under the control of the state an attribute of the exercise of a right?

Questions about attitude, what one carries and how he walks aren't matters of the limit of a constitutional right, but community etiquette. If an activity under discussion is subject to community etiquette, it isn't a right.

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