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Alright, I'm back, with updates.

I found that Midwest gun works had all the parts I felt needed replacing after I finally got the gun all broken down ( don't thinks I've ever taken that long to take a gun apart). Anyways, I replaced several springs and screws, but when I went to replace the left side extractor I didn't fit! Dang it! It is just too fat. It will actually go into the slot and I even got the retaining pin in, but there is so much extra metal, it will not function at all. So I put the old one back in ( which is sheared off at the tip) and got the gun back together after thoroughly cleaning every last bit of it. Took it out and shot it last night and still failing to eject every third or fourth round (big surprise).

So my question this time is would y'all just try to file the new extractor down to fit or search the world over for a new extractor that is correct? I think I'll probably end up filing.

Oh, I did fix the sticky slide release. Just had to do some very light filing where the thingy was hitting the thingy.
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