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Rob Pincus
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I don't see that as throwing bricks. Part of the problem is that those of us who are unsure of the merits of open carry can't seem to have an intelligent conversation about the idea without being accused of being turncoats to the 2nd Amendment.
Well said, Tom. That is the reason I am sharing that essay around. I think a the huge majority of gun owners think those guys are problems and there are too many people running cover for them by waving the RKBA Flag at anyone who criticizes their irresponsible behavior.

We lost the legal right to OC in CA at the beginning of the year and a "gray area" in the MS law was shutdown this summer. Now when the wind blows your concealment garment to the side, you could in violation of law in those states... directly attributable to the guys wearing guns just to provoke confrontation. Instead of blindly rallying to their defense because they claim to be interested in RKBA, let's rally together around RESPONSIBLE gun ownership and shut the attention seekers down.

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