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I used to get to the range early when nobody was there in the middle of the week with a cart full of liter water filled bottles and set them up starting at the 25 yard line all the way out to the 200 yard berm. Then with my .357 in my left side holster, my 41 mag in my shoulder holster and my 45 auto in my old army field holster on my right side I would advance and shoot each gun till it was empty then start loading magazines on the 45 till I reached the last bottle. The ground was rough and it was a long walk with 3 guns and extra magazines hanging on me but after the 3rd or 4th time pulling that drill I didn't leave many bottles standing. I got embarrassed at a PPC match doing that and decided never again. Like WC145 said it's a matter of timing, the rule was you couldn't pause so shooting when your lead foot was on the ground was critical.

First few times I went back and ran the course again because I had lots of targets left. By the time I started catching on I left very few behind me even when I switched guns and shot single action only. Hard part was going back with my garbage bags and picking everything up.

Fast forward 10 years and my back won't let me do that anymore but I still do it at home setting up from 3 yards to 30 yards and get my nephew to pick up after me. all it costs me is a box of 22 shells and the use of my rifle when I'm done.
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