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I went to NYC the very next night after this shooting for an evening out with the wife. We walked from Grand Central to the restaurant at 5th and 24th, walking right past the Empire State Building on that same exact sidewalk where this all unfolded.

Having previously viewed the video footage of this shooting several times, I recognized the same planters and bench from the video. There was now a visual heavy police and media presence in the area, and it was still extremely crowded, being less than a mile from Times Square.

As I walked through what was a crime scene only 24-36 hrs earlier, my thoughts were, first, "this is where it all happened", and, second (as a LEO), how would I have responded if placed in that same situation. This tourist and commercial area is highly populated at the time of day when the shooting occurred.

I won't judge the officers involved in this shooting, for I was not there and won't speculate on how I would've responded because it would only be conjecture. I've been involved in armed conflict in the past, having served 9 yrs in the military (primarily in Army Special Operations and Intelligence) and know that just because you've performed satisfactorily in one encounter does not mean you will do the so the next time. Luck, skill, training, and Mr Murphy all play a part in surviving such an incident, with the most important being a survival mindset.

I certainly don't envy these officers one bit for being put in this situation. You don't pick the day, the day picks you....and when it does, you will most certainly wish that your trained more (no matter your training level), because when proverbial **** hits fan, we default back to our level of training that has become instinctual.

That being said, the BG (and, yes, he is a BG after he executed a former coworker in broad daylight by shooting him once in the head and 3-5 more times as he lay on the ground) dictated the onset of the confrontation when he drew his .45 1911 model on the officers, pointed it at them, and pulled the trigger. Luckily it jammed or misfired. The officers (both 15 year veterans) fired a total of 14-16 rounds, with one officer firing 9 rds and the other 7 rds, and struck the BG between 6-10 times. Under high stress and on an extremely crowded city street in one of the largest cities in the world, the hit percentage on BG was very good....despite the unfortunate civilian casualties. Believe it or not this could've been a whole lot worse.
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