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Here's a site that maps out where the bad guys supposedly live if you enter just your city and state. Click the 'Legend' tab at the top left of the map and you'll see what color stands for what type offense. Next click on one of the colored blocks and see a pic of the offender.

Bad guys don't always stay home, but its good to at least have your family aware of the bad guys and where they live.
Ugh, I used that in my neighborhood and am disgusted by how many of those people live around me. My wife and I are having our first child in 6 months! Looks like i'll be walking my kid to and from school until they graduate college.

Sorry to hijack the thread.

On topic: When I first got my permit my wife was sketchy about me carrying around her as well. She did not want me carrying around her family or at her workplace. As time went on and she realized that the firearm is safer when it is on my person she became ok with it. Now she doesn't even give any thought about it, it's just part of my daily attire.

Be patient with your wife, she may come around. If she doesn't then remind her of why you carry... to protect her.
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