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How often do you train/shoot?
Dern near daily, but I'm different then most. I shoot for pleasure A LOT, I shoot my vintage military rifles to keep up with my CMP-GSM Clinics I put on.

A club in Spearfish has a match about every other week, I practice and train for them.

Hunting season is coming, I got to get my hunting rifles (and me) in shape. You know shoot up the old and reload the new ammo. Check the sights over and over again.

Got a bowling pin match coming up at the Newcastle Club I have to get ready for. Shoot Small bore to work on my fundamentals.

Take advantage of the new place to shoot long range (in excess of 2000 yards) about 2 miles from the house.

Thats all I can think of right now except to say on each outing I play with my CC revolver.

I'm mentioned this before but when I retired I'm going to find a place where I can shoot every day, I did and I do.
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