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I do not consider my normal weekly shooting as training. I just casualy shoot. Most times it is two days a week. Sometimes more. I live a 15 minute drive from the range, and have a membership so the cost is the same if I shoot 5 days a week, or one day a month. At least as far as range fees go. Though I do not have any children, and Mrs. M&P usualy shoots with me one of those days as well.

For training purpouses such as shooting on the move, multiple targets while moving. Shooting from the ground on my back, and belly down. Shooting over the shoulder, one handed weak side, and strong side. From a chair over one side as if in a car, from over a chair as if from some type of cover, and several others. I get the chance when I have the range to myself. Usualy about once or twice a month.

Note I shoot my carry guns at least once a week. I never go off of shootin a ceartian number of rounds. I shoot what I have with me. Be it 100 rounds, or 300 rounds, or howmany ever.

I go to the range to have fun. I leared to shoot very early in life from my grampa whom happend to be retired army. He tought me combat style shooting which as mentioned earlier I still practice when I can. Though I have the mindset that I am at the range to enjoy myself, and let off some steam. I have never left the range in a foul mood, and every trip was time well spent.

Note some people due to family, and work have little time to spend at the range. Some are too tired, or just not that interested. Some would like to be able to shoot more, but due to many factors just can not afford to.

When at the range I tend to see a few types.

1. People that just bought the gun. They tend to shoot a couple of boxes of ammo. Pack up go home. Sometimes I will see them back a month or two later.
2. The once in a blue moon type. They usualy have some prety nice hardware with them, and quite a bit of ammo. They usualy stay for a few hours shooting several different guns. Most times they have reasons that they just can not go as often as they would like. So when that blue moon happens they will spend every bit of time they can shooting. (Most tend to be prety good shots as well.
3. The usualy crowd types. They are rare, though there are a few they usualy have a couple or twelve guns with them. They burn countless boxes of ammo. Usualy nearly a brick of .22 lr ammo, and a box or two of several calibers of centerfire. Most are great shots.
4. The skeet shooters. Rarely will you see them on the rifle, or handgun range. They will shoot box after box of shotsells breaking clays. Though the ones I have seen on the handgun, and rifle range tend to be pretty darn good.
5. Just before deer season type. The guys that are checking or sighting in a deer rifle, and brough a couple of handguns to shoot while they are there. Chances are while maybe a little bit rusty they shoot well enough. You will see them again next year.
6. The Mall Ninjas. They ususaly show up decked out in tacieverything. With a Pellican case containg an AR rifle with more do dads than the Midway Catilouge has listed. A polymer semi auto of one brand or another again with some tactidodad on it. Most times a lazer/flashlight combo. As well as some type of tactical shotgun. They usualy have tons of ammo which they will burn through as fast as they can pull the trigger while thier buddy films it for a youtube video. Most tend to be good shots if they take thier time. More times than not they try to shoot so fast that they are mediocre at best. Usualy when asked if they are current or former military, or LEO. The awnser is usualy no. Most work in an office. Most times I see them come out once or twice a year. I think they are busy working to pay for the ammo for thier next trip to the range.

There are a few others that may be some of all of the types. And a few others that I did not list. Just my ovservations.
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