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It just occurred to me I assumed IMR 4064, but since you already had one Accurate powder that what you have might be Accurate 4064. If so, the charge weight changes to 36 grains, and the velocity is 3657 fps and the case fill is an even better 99%.

The software predicted 48,613 psi for your 2230 load, 46,999 psi for the IMR 4064 load, and 50,565 psi for the Accurate 4064 load.

The 34.2 grain load of IMR 4064 is half way between the 52 and 55 grain bullet starting loads listed by Hodgdon, and should not need to be reduced any further for testing.

Accurate lists 33.7 grains to 37.5 grains for Accurate 4064 under the 53 grain SMK, so QuickLOAD's 36 grain recommendation is not a starting load. This version of 4064 is apparently a little faster than IMR's, so I would use the 2% of maximum rule and load at least one round each at 33.7 grains, 34.5 grains, and 35.2 grains, firing them from low to high before firing 36 grains, just to be prudent and to check for pressure signs and velocities. Keep in mind that QuickLOAD's powder models come from measured behavior of some limited number of lots, and your lot may be different, as happens sometimes.

Accurate doesn't list any 2230 loads for your bullet in the .22-350, but starts instead with 2460. QuickLOAD doesn't report a lot of difference between them, and I don't know if that's models being taken from unusual lots, or if the cartridge and bullet combination just happen to be falling in the middle of a dividing line where performance for the two really is pretty similar.

Let us know how it goes.
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