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What not to do, Muscle Memory gone bad

We all learn by mistakes. I figure maybe my mistakes might keep others from making the same or similar mistakes.

We all agree (or should) with the theory of Muscle Memory. It's nothing more the acting without having to think about it.

Problem is we can develop bad muscle memory the same way we develop good muscle memory.

This leads me to my confession.

I had a friend in the national guard that grew up on an ranch. He learned rope and gun tricks and was quite good. He taught me gun handling, that is twirling a revolver like you see in some wild west show.

I practiced every chance I could and got fairly good at it.

Now off to work. We did our own building searches. Once in a while if someone was available we would do the search together.

One night we had an alarm and found a broken window so drew our revolvers and do the search. (you can see it coming).

After searching the building, my partner comes up to my car and tells me if he ever does a building search again, and sees me twilling my revolver, he was going to take it away from me and beat me to death with it.

I had no ideal what so ever I was twirling my revolver. I wondered how many times I've done it while searching by my self.

That was in the early to mid 80s, haven't twirled a revolver since.

Muscle memory does work, even when we don't want it to. Watch your bad habits before they become ingrained.
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