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Setting up a Hornady L-N-L progressive

I've been reloading on a SS press for years and I recently decided to buy a progressive for all the obvious reasons... Anyway, I spent several hours this weekend setting up the Hornady L-N-L. I knew this would be a challenge but it should be rewarding and hopfully I'll get a few kinks worked out ASAP. I have not used a progressive press before this point in time.

I viewed the L-N-L video from the CD that is included with the kit and followed the directions for mounting the press, die cleaning, powder measure cleaning, setting up the powder measure, using the L-N-L bushings, etc.

1. My biggest issue seems to lie with the primer system.

* The sliding primer shuttle gets stuck in the open position occasionally

* The bent guide post that the primer shuttle rides on occasionally comes out of the pocket at the bottom of the press

* The sliding primer shuttle often refuses to pick up a primer (the white low primer indicator rod is in the primer tube and the primer tube is full).

I researched the issue and found a video on that suggests deburing the primer shuttle assembly, so I attempted this fix and it seems better but I have only run a few cases since this mod.

2. On occasion, cases are getting torn up at the first die - (resizing/decapping) .

Initially, I thought this was an indexing issue but I suspect it is caused by a misalignment between the shellplate and the brass case because none of the other stations are tearing cases. I plan to recheck the case retaining spring to insure it is under the shellplate in Station #1.

Is there anything else that would cause this? My dies are clean and the cases are lightly lubed. The sizing die is carbide. I have removed and replaced the shellplate and it seems OK with nothing under the plate (spilled powder, spent primers, etc.) that would cause this.

3. The Lock-N-Load bushings are tight and I am forced to use vice grips to get the dies in and out of the press.

I lubed the bushings lightly and there is no improvement. I assume it will need some break-in use to free them up a tad.

4. The powder measure throws charges that vary by .4 grains (load is 3.9 grains of Bullseye)

I have cleaned the powder drum, metering insert and powder block twice. I am using the small powder drum. I have thrown only about 100 charges so far. Is Bullseye powder difficult to meter in this powder measure?

How important is the use of a consistent ram pull on powder metering?

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