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My daughter has the perfect set up. Her kids are off to college so its just her and her dogs.

She has an alarm with relatively quick response time.

But in addition to the alarms she has security cameras and lights, She can hunker down beteen her HUGE bed in a cornor with her pistol (and dogs). From there she can call 911, and besides being on the phone, she can monitor her cameras where she can see the whole house, seeing if its bad guys or good guys.

She can also direct the polcie to the location in the house where the bad guy is, plus as police enter, she can see them at her bedroom door before they get in, all the time while on the phone with the police.

I realize not everyone pull that off, I certainly couldn't. Little S**t makes more money then the GDP of most third world countries.

It does make be feel better being 1500 miles away and couldn't help her.
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