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In Scocca v. Smith (post #4, item #51), the #9 MTD was granted with a stipuklation that the plaintiffs may file an ammeded complaint. Granting the MTD with leave to file an amended complaint. This effectiviely ended the case, until the amended complaint was filed. Hence the "red" case marker.

Because this was a CA case, I had expected the folks at CalGuns Foundation to keep the docket updated. That was not the case. The docket has been recapped along with the decision and the amended complaint, filed Aug. 6th.

Currently, the defendants have until Sept. 17th to file their answer to the amended complaint.

I have recapped the docket in the Nichols case (post #5, item #66). I have not recapped any of the filings.

Charles, if you want to have folks read your the filings in your case, you would do well to recap them yourself. It has not been established in any circuit court, that the RKBA extends to the public space (outside the home). Yes, there are several appeals in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 9th Circuits that address this issue. Therefore, as others have advised you, your case is premature and lacking in merit.

I have chosen not to spend the money to recap what I feel is a meritless case. You feel differently and that is certainly your call.
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