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Reverse it and see what happens. The same people who thinks it's ok to give discounts/free stuff to women would be crying about discrimination.
Especially in this age of "professional victims", some of us realize that public reaction to a policy is often a poor gauge, so I'm not sure what the purpose of your "test" is.

Why should any business owner care what percentage of the population is buying their stuff as long as the money is good? If I'm selling a product, I don't give a damn that out of 1000 items they had 25% of this that or the other... I just want the business. If I want to grow it to 2000 items, why would I care what race or gender bought them?
I think you're missing out on the entire point behind the "Ladies' Night" promotion.

The owner likely doesn't care what percentage of his clientele is male and what percentage is female - like you said, their money all spends the same.

But, there's nothing in the article to suggest that he's having to turn away male business in order to court female shooters. What he's doing is trying to expand his business **without cannibilizing his current customer base** by tapping into the hitherto under-represented female market.

When Domino's started selling chicken wings, salads, sandwiches and desserts, they weren't trying to cut down on the number of pizzas they sold - they were simply trying to attract the crowd that wanted something besides pizza.
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