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What injustice is perpetrated by "Ladies night" that should have a remedy in the law? Or as I asked above,
Really? This is the best you got?

Let's see, you're a girl so you don't have to pay. Oh wait you're guy give me money.

Reverse it and see what happens. The same people who thinks it's ok to give discounts/free stuff to women would be crying about discrimination.

The simple test is if the situation were reversed, how would people react. If it isn't all right for one group, how on earth can you defend it as being right for another?

To frame it in NJgunowners terms, though, what if a small business owner send out coupon mailers by zipcode. But only sends them out to a neighboring zipcode with a different racial demographic, in order to attract new and more diverse clients? Is that incentive or discrimination? What about if the small business owner sends coupon mailers to as many nearby zipcodes as they financially can, but not to all the zipcodes that could easily access the business, is that discrimination? What if all those zipcodes nearby are the same racial demographic, and those left out are statistically different? Discrimination?
If a business is offering incentives to one segment of the population over another intentionally, that's discrimination. Quite frankly, money is money and it's all green. Why should any business owner care what percentage of the population is buying their stuff as long as the money is good? If I'm selling a product, I don't give a damn that out of 1000 items they had 25% of this that or the other... I just want the business. If I want to grow it to 2000 items, why would I care what race or gender bought them?

Either way I'm done with this thread. I'll continue to believe we were all created equal and should be treated as such, you guys can continue to believe it's ok to incentivize one part of the population over another.

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