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What if you just called ladies night white guy weds? Free box o' ammo for the ladies on white guy weds!

Seriously though, I think Tom has pointed out a critical part of this type of thing. There's a difference between discrimination and incentive.

To frame it in NJgunowners terms, though, what if a small business owner send out coupon mailers by zipcode. But only sends them out to a neighboring zipcode with a different racial demographic, in order to attract new and more diverse clients? Is that incentive or discrimination? What about if the small business owner sends coupon mailers to as many nearby zipcodes as they financially can, but not to all the zipcodes that could easily access the business, is that discrimination? What if all those zipcodes nearby are the same racial demographic, and those left out are statistically different? Discrimination?

I think the nuances of this type of situation are too many to lay it out in black and white. Some people will inevitably see discrimination everywhere, that does not make it so, and conversely some people will see non-discrimination everywhere. But in the end I think for a majority, it may be like pornography vs art, you might not be able to define it, but you just know when you've seen it.

Personally I do not think this is a discriminatory practice, where it's range time or cheap beer.
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