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Scratter, Look at the VXR Patrols by Lupold!They are way less than half the price of an ACOG but are a badass rugged quality optic. I have been eyeing the M1A and also wanna build an EBR... eventually. That being said, I read a very informative review about the vxr patrol in 3-9 x 40 and it sounds like the thing peerforms like an ACOG at 3x because the patrols also have a illuminated reticle...a dot if you will, and the guy using it in the review had it on a 700 in 5.56 and put it thru the ringer. He did shoot houses, light failure training ( took 1 shot at man sized target with weapon in hand every 5 min, until no longer could I.D. weapon) etc. Anywho it sounds exactly like something you might be interested in. You would likely have to get the rail mounted sling hook though. Not speaking from experience here, just saying you may wanna look into it .
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