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Originally Posted by NJgunowner
True, this has nothing to do with an individuals ability... only their gender. I've noticed that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON here has responded to my inquiry as to what would happen if the situation was reversed.

Like I said, our whole lives we've been conditioned to accept certain forms of discrimination. Instead of everyone going along with it, maybe it's time to look at the situation logically instead of going with the status quo.
Rather than suppose that no one else has thought this through, you might examine the differences between a "Ladies night" and a "Whites Only" policy.

My policy preference is that owners be free to set admission criteria, but that isn't public policy. Law and public policy on this point often rest on terms of addressing a prior injustice, and are considered remedial.

What injustice is perpetrated by "Ladies night" that should have a remedy in the law? Or as I asked above,

If you've thought it through to your own satisfaction, what do you think is the malignant result in a business using incentives to involve women in a hobby to which they might otherwise not be drawn?
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