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That may shed light on the issue of why we consider some specific sorts of discrimination unacceptable, but that doesn't appear to be the direct issue involved in this case.
True, this has nothing to do with an individuals ability... only their gender. I've noticed that NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON here has responded to my inquiry as to what would happen if the situation was reversed.

Like I said, our whole lives we've been conditioned to accept certain forms of discrimination. Instead of everyone going along with it, maybe it's time to look at the situation logically instead of going with the status quo.

Heck, every day is "White Guy Wednesday" at gun ranges
That's funny, my range never gives me free time. Maybe I'm missing it?

And ya, this guys lawsuit is destined for failure. But it doesn't change that for a country that espouses equality we still offer segments of the population preferential treatment. Doesn't matter what your reasons are, it's the results that matter.

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