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Know what’s more intimidating than the sound of a shotgun being pumped? A 230 Grain Gold Dot to the center mass. I would hate to tell a D.A. "I tried to frighten the criminal before I shot them".

My primary residence is a condo, due to the layout of the light switch for the living room from my bedroom I would not be able to reach the switch without exposing myself to the badguy. I have a good tactical flashlight and I use it.

On the other hand, my families place in Wisconsin has excellent exterior lighting. I keep it on all night when I am there. I would again not light off the interior lights though when confronting an intruder. You lose the element of surprise, they know someone is up and looking for them. On the one hand, they might just up and run seeing the light come on. On the other hand if they are not the type who mind confronting and hurting a homeowner they now go into Alert mode. I would much prefer to keep the lights off and clear rooms one by one with a weapons mounted light.

An example when my neighbor fell down the stairs cracking his skull, his father called 911. A little over an hour later the sheriff showed up and 15-20 minutes later, the ambulance. I was closer so he called me after calling 911, yet it took me 15 minutes to get to his house and stabilize his son.

I figure if something happens I'm on my own except for the clean up.

I am pretty much in the same position where my family property is in Wisconsin. Because of the way the townships are laid out rather than a copcar taking 10 mins to get there from the closest Police dept. it takes 30 on a good day but more like 45 to an hour for a cop car to go all around a lake, up a country road then over on another country road. We had to call the cops a few times because of teenagers tresspassing and drinking in the woods on our property, the fastest the cops ever got there was 45 mins and that was when they blocked out driveway with a vehicle. The longest took 1-1/2 hours.

If something happens, I will be on my own.

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