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Go to the Wyoming fish and game site I posted and down load the area maps.

Look and Eld Area 108, right across the state line from Colorado. Tons of left over cow/calf tags and plenty of government land. The BLM land is intermingled with Rail Road land, checker board type.

When you get the the F&G area maps look at the boundaries carefully, then go to the USGS Map Store and buy 1:24000 (7.5 Min) scale maps. You can study the area, where you want to hunt, how to get there, without leaving your living room. Add to that, check out the area on "Google Maps" to get a bird's eye view of the area.

If you can read a map, and do a little bit of work you can learn the area like the back of your hand without ever stepping foot in Wyoming.

Do the same thing with any area you choose. There are some better areas in the western part of the state but may require driving farther.

Personally I dont hunt down south, I'm hunting area 1, which is just of the road.
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