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RARE pistol.....maybe...

I think I may have accidentally purchaced a really rare piece.
It's a S&W 38 Special Colt L CTGS...that's right, there's an "S" behind CTG
The serial is 175
The makers marks and proof markings are very unique.
Here's the kicker: a friend of a friend has blindly offered me $10,000 for the weapon, but I still have no idea what is so special about it.
I ALREADY OWN THIS GUN. (response to someone from the original posting, who obviously did NOT read my post in its entirety). ALSO, doesn't the serial number tip you guys off???? It's only 3 digits long, for God's sake! 175 is the actual serial number, and there is a number 6 stamped under the wooden grip, on the frame (yes, I removed the wooden grips to reveal the number).
Anyone wanna help a non-gun-guy out here?

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