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Originally Posted by NJGunowner
Let me flip it around on you again.

If they offered "White Guy Wednesday" would that be ok? Every wednesday the white guys get free range time... you know because they don't have enough white guys going to their range. How do you not think that wouldn't be brought to court as discrimination? But hey, we weren't turning the black guys away, we just required them to pay!

Any time you give one class of people, whether by race or gender, special privileges or pricing, it's discrimination. IE wrong....
I think part of the frustration with a plaintiff pressing for apppication of a rule in this instance is that discrimination is not categorically wrong. We discriminate accordong to SAT scores is college selection, and reputation in deciding where to send children to school. Appropriate discrimination is a necessary part of ordinary life, and we only sense the propriety of intervention by the courts where there is an injustice resulting from the discrimination.

It's tough to put one's finger on the malignant result in a business using incentives to involve women in a hobby to which they might otherwise not be drawn.
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