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First off not all homes are the same, and not all homes are located in the same area, so the same shoe doesn't fit the everybody's foot.

I live in a rural area, in a smallist house. We leave my wifes "grow light" on over her plants in the living room.

The way my house is laid out, from my bed I can see comings and goings from both doors, meaning if some one comes in I would be able to see if its friend or foe. Yet you can't see in my bedroom from entering either door or in the living room where the grow light is.

I pocket carry constantly but when I'm in bed, my pants are hung on the bed post where I can reach it without getting up.

If grand kids are here and for some weird reason, they decided to get my gun they are going to have to crawl over me to get it, I'm a light sleeper.

As to what to do, like I said not all cases are the same. I can't wait for the sheriff. In the best case scenario, lets say they were on this side of the county, it would take them 30 minutes to get here. That's assuming there is a deputy on duty, and his truck is aimed to this part of the county.

An example when my neighbor fell down the stairs cracking his skull, his father called 911. A little over an hour later the sheriff showed up and 15-20 minutes later, the ambulance. I was closer so he called me after calling 911, yet it took me 15 minutes to get to his house and stabilize his son.

I figure if something happens I'm on my own except for the clean up.

But the saving grace, the chances of a home invasion out here is pretty slim unless its some critter coming through the doggie door.
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