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Little help for an out of stater. I had planned to hunt Colorado's 2nd season, last week of October. I am in a position where I must be flexible and may have to cancel at the last minute so OTC tags are my only option. My dad is 89 and in fragile health. For right now he is fine, but over the last few years he has been hospitilaized several times. A total of 9 weeks between last Thanksgiving and April.

I can be in Colorado in 24 hours driving time. Wyoming is a day farther, but much cheaper on tags. I have hunted in Colorado, so I wouldn't be going in totally blind there like in Wyoming.

How about a little advice. Point me in the direction of a decent unit with public land that I could hunt on the cheap. I'm looking for a hunt, killing something big is a bonus, I'd be happy with anything legal, and wouldn't call it a failure if I came home empty handed.
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