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Lights on during a home invasion?

A friend and I were discussing different potential scenarios the other day, and along with all the usual fun ones to talk about, we had a serious discussion about what you would REALLY do, not what the suburban commando within you would do during a home invasion. After grabbing the USP in 9mm, I said the first thing I would do if I heard those noises like breaking glass or whatever else that we all hope not to hear, would be to start turning on lights as I carefully investigated the situation. He wholeheartedly disagreed with that idea, saying that he would want to surprise the intruder. This was absolutely silly to me. In my mind, I stand to lose nothing and everything to gain with the lights on. I don't see any sort of a tactical advantage to staying in the dark.

So what do you all think? Am I off base here? Lights on or off? And why or why not?

Additional note: My friend also absolutely believes that the sound of him racking his Ithaca pump action 12 will scare any and all bad guys away... He's my best friend and has been since we were kids. I love him like a brother, but good grief...
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