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Originally Posted by Mayor Al
Has anyone noticed that A LOT, and I mean most of the major producers stock, is back-ordered at many retail and on-line outfits. Sportsman guide is saying it may be New Years before some blocks of 1000 or so rounds of 22 are in-stock again. Walmart says the same here in So Indiana, CTD has B/O on some too.
Panic-buying, or low production numbers? what's happening to the 22 ammo market?
We are shooting it more. Have you noticed the new emphasis on substituting .22LR for 5.56 in many of the training schools and ranges in the US? New models of AR-22s coming out every year. Police department ammo budgets are shrinking and people like us are practicing with .22LR more. Sales for firearms chambered in .22LR are rising. There has been a rise in demand for .22LR for at least 3 or 4 years now. The good side is we have rediscovered how much fun we used to have with the .22 before we moved up to those manly cartridges.
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