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Don't believe everything you read

I had a Spanish 1916 for about twenty years or more, never had one single issue with the rifle. Never a stuck case. Put many hundreds of rounds through it. Finally traded it of for a nice riding lawnmower. Not bad for a hundred dollar gun.
How many here have ever seen one of these rifles have a major failure? No not heard about, not read about it on the net. Actually seen it?

When a rumor is repeated enough, it becomes fact. How many of you that are postulating on this weapon have owned one? How many have owned one long term?

These old warhorses have been being imported for many years, I bought mine from Samco, ask them how long they have been bringing them in. Do you think if these rifles were failing in mass, or worse yet blowing up as many seem to allude to, do you suppose Samco would still be selling them?

And yes you do need to thoroughly clean a mil-surp before taking it to the range.

My ONLY issue with the Spanish Mauser was.......they kick like a mule.

And these guns were rechambered for 7.62 NATO, not CETME.

If I needed a knock about pickup gun I would buy another in a heartbeat.
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