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You bet, El Rojo!

I really feel that vast "unwashed" out there look at firearms as any other hobby and, frankly, never give the respect due to the use of firearms. Let's face it: firing a gun is an inherintly dangerous operation. You've got your hands and, in the case of rifles, face laid up against wood and steel while 50,000+ pounds of pressure created by an explosion forces a piece of lead down a barrel at supersonic speeds. Sure, these weapons are designed to work well within their tolerances but, inevitably the unanticipated happens.

That's why I'll never shoot any new weapon without having two other experienced people inspect it first and, even then, not unless I've taken the thing apart myself and inspected it. There are just too many things that can go wrong. So, El Rojo, you're right and this is why I don't mind showing my ingorance once and a while. It's also why I'll always chime in with my 2cents if I see someone willing to show theirs in this or other websites, with regard to a subject I have experience in.

Most of my 200+ posts have been questions although I've been able to contribute once and a while. I do a lot of research and read a lot about the things I'm interested in and then apply it to my experiences. But there is a never ending stream of knowledge that is available when it comes to firearms and you guys and girls help us all understand it.

Thanks for recognizing my desire to use TFL as a resource. I run in other firearms webs but this one is the very best, easiest to use, and most comprehensive. Now if we can only get a C&R forum up sometime in the near future!

One final thing about the ammo. I spoke to Bill Toth, an expert on the converted MAS rifle. He indicates that the biggest reason that my MAS fires so well is because I'm using the Portuguese ammunition as designated by the FNM on the brass. As long as I stick with that, I'm ok! (If anyone reading this is interested in how the MAS 49/56 conversion was accomplished, just ask and I'll explain what he told me.)

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