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The PPK is nice - the rough finish ones are also interesting when you come across them. I am looking for a PPK for my little grouping, I may have found a K serial numbered one, that I like.

I think I may have to find a 38H for my collection, too.

Win73 - Great pistols BTW - Ref. My pic, I am afraid you will be disappointed to learn - that it's a rough mix up, as is my German collection (pics if wanted) - I have not been collecting very long, and go after the pieces that get my imagination going, rather than museum grade things:

MG42 - WW2 kit on inert receiver.
MG34 - WW2 kit on inert receiver (DOT 45.)
MG13 - WW2 kit on inert receiver (1936.)
MP35 - Original kit on inert receiver (La Coruna.)
MP34 - Original kit on inert receiver (9mm Steyr).
MP44 - WW2 kit on inert receiver (CYQ kit on Shoei receiver.)
MP40 - WW2 kit on inert receiver (BNZ 42.)
MP40 - 2X Japanese replicas (MGC 68.)
FG42 - Japanese Replica (Shoei.)
G43 - AC44 WW2 original (Walther Variant.)
G41(m) - WW2 original (Mauser variant.)
K98k - WW2 original (1943.)
Walther P38 - AC42 WW2 original
Luger P08 - Original DWM with capture papers.
Reichsrevolver - Original Suhl (1883.)

MG34 & MG13.
*They are without their leather slings - if that counts for this thread?

Reichsrevolver 1883 10.6mm and an English revolver from 1906.

We're not allowed assault weapons without major modifications here in Ca, let alone machineguns, so I choose to own the MG's this way. All but three could be returned to their original status with the right permissions and parts.
(The MG13, MP35 and MG34 have had some ruthless demilling done, but could be brought back with work.)

The semis and bolts are untouched originals - I have shot everything except the G41(m) - replacement parts are too difficult to find, and I have seen one firing on the internet, that's good enough for me.


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