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A Glock will probably win more matches due to the design it's ideal for IDPA. I shoot a 92FS, 1911, 586, 625 and I have shot a .40 PT100. I even shot a match with a 642, my carry gun. The game is built around service pistols not concealed carry guns. I came in next to last with the 642, a buddy of mine also shot a 642, he was last. I now have an LC9, also a carry gun, and will shoot it in a match, it'll be better than the 642. It will hold 7 in a mag and it's easier to shoot than the 642. Still probably come in last. IDPA is a game, most stages are designed to shoot lots of ammo and have fun. If you haven't shot it with a real concealed carry gun you should. Some clubs will have a BUG match, usually with no reloads, start with gun in hand, also not realistic but at least you get to shoot the carry gun.
It's all fun.
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