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Thanks for the reply. I believe it is older than 1968; my grandfather emigrated from Austria in 1952 with my grandmother, mother and my mother's 2 sisters. He acquired this after their arrival when they worked for a sponsor farm family in around 1952 or 1953. This is what my grandmother told us in around 1980 when she gave me the gun. My mother remembers him pheasant hunting with it on the farm. Again, that would have been for only 2-3 years before they moved. After they left the farm I believe it was pretty much stored in an old blanket under the couch cushions. I remember it being moved whenever we pulled the hide-a-bed out at a fairly young age.

I took some pics and see that I didn't mention an '&' on the water table. The small circle with the 'Y' in it is on the underside of the barrel, on the opposite side of the 1669. Y was not used in date coding and from what I have read the date code is in front of the trigger guard. The circled '23' is in front of the guard. Do you feel the 1669 is a serial number?

The gun is in virtually identical condition to when I got it.

Anyway, maybe the pics will help ID this.

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