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Scotchbrite pads, even the 0000 equivalent gray pads WILL strip bluing fast.

Here's how I removed rust in the shop:
Get a penetrating fluid like Kroil or CLP Breakfree. Even WD-40 will work.
Apply a good coat to the rust and let soak at least 24 hours.
The fluid will penetrate the rust and will soften and loosen it.

After soaking, apply more fluid and use a brass "toothbrush" to liberally scrub the area.
The brass will break up and remove the rust with no chance of further damaging the bluing.

If you have a hard, crusty spot, use a BRASS scraper made from brass sheet or a BRASS cartridge case with the mouth flattened and sharpened. Use the brass to scrape the crusty spot off then brush.
DO NOT use a penny or nickel. These are no longer made of copper or nickel and will damage the bluing.

After the rust is off, you'll have pitting and missing blue where the rust was. There's nothing you can do about that short of a full re-blue job.

After the rust is off, wipe the metal clean and apply a coat of CLP Breakfree. This will continue to "work" on any remaining rust and will prevent further rust.
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