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F. Guffey, as far as the "sloppy fit" - I was referring to the way they fit in RCBS priming tools (due to the inserts/guides used in the tools).

As we discussed in the thread where I brought up the issue of deck height variance across different brands, I very much prefer a shell holder that fits well. Sloppy shell holders that let cases flop around a lot are far from my preference. There are circumstances in which they come in handy (like a poorly machined Lee .25 ACP shell holder that fits .22 WMR rims), but those circumstances are not common at my bench.

When it comes to the RCBS priming tools, RCBS shell holders are the best bet.
If you want to use other brands, you have to plan on modifying the tool. (Or buying a second set of inserts/guides to be modified to work with the other brand(s) of shell holders.)
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