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I bought all three versions, around 1975 - and all were merely B-78's.

One version was the 26" tapered octagon bbl model with no iron sights, M/C stock & cheekpiece. (Mine was .30-06)

Another was the 26" round bbl version with no sights & the same M/C buttstock. (Mine was a 6mm Rem)

The 3rd was the 24" straight octagon bbl with iron bbl sights in .45-70.

IMHO, Browning did the name an injustice by naming the 24" round bbl's 2010 B-78 "Sporter".

The 1970's B-78's innards were different than the later M-1885's - which were used & model stamped for ther 2010 B-78 Sporters.


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