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Originally Posted by Monkeyfist
He's a firearms course instructor qualified in several states including and besides CT.
Connecticut and most other northeastern states do not "qualify" instructors for the class they require. The NRA "Basic Pistol" class is accepted by Connecticut, and the instructors are certified by the NRA.

I thought the whole point of offering handgun courses was not only the NRA requirements, but the state and local requirements in obtaining a handgun permit.
The requirement for classes in Connecticut, Florida, and most other eastern states requiring a class is to teach firearms "safety." That does not include legal issues. Since I also am certified to teach the NRA 'Personal Protection" classes, which DO include legal issues, I know that the NRA strictly prohibits me from teaching the legal component of the class unless I am an attorney licensed in the state where I am giving the class. If the guy who taught your class is not an attorney licensed in Connecticut, he was in violation of NRA protocols. Considering how he messed up what he taught you, perhaps you can see why the NRA does not want non-attorneys teaching laws.

As a matter of fact, I find it silly that any course would not include any local requirements to obtain a handgun permit as states are obviously far and wide as to their requirements.
Teaching the laws is a good idea and the NRA does not say that can't be included. What they say is that it must be taught by an attorney practicing in the state.

Are you saying CT doesn't prohibit sweeping one's premises?
I'm saying that the law does not appear to prohibit that, since the language pertaining to a duty to retreat has an exception for within your home. However, laws are modified by case law -- cases that have gone to court, been decided, and established legal precedent. This is where an attorney practicing in Connecticut would have special knowledge that other people would generally not have access to.
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