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active shooter incidents; EDPs...

I read over a few topic posts but didn't watch the video yet.
As for the "what would you do" question, I(as a concealed carry license holder or armed-licensed security officer) would take a few things into account;
what type of weapon(s) are involved, how many armed-violent subjects are there(some may be "hidden" or act as "seeded back-up", a common method of bank robberies), having an "ave of escape" or way to flee may be needed too.
You may think you're LT John McClaine or Chuck Norris, but if I saw a subject pulling out a LAW rocket or M249 machine gun, I'd beat cheecks.
Being able to deal with edged weapons, clubs-sticks or bats is important too.

Many years ago, a female MP in my unit told me how she had to shoot a EDP(emotional-disturbed person) who charged at her with a baseball bat. She was working alone at a small post near a urban area. About a year ago, I had a event where a unstable subject with a large stick threatened me while I was working on a hotel security detail. The convicted felon had a long history of mental illness & violent crime. He is now in state prison.

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