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Base and Rings for 1 Inch Scope and Marlin 795

A total noob here, so if I'm way off track then please set me back on the right path.

I have a Cabela's Caliber Specific Scope, 3-9x40, 1" tube, .22LR that I wish to place on a Marlin 795. I do not know which rings and bases I should select. I would be interested in something "removable", in the sense of leaving the base on the rifle and being able to remove the scope to place on another rifle - if that is an available or recommended option. (Especially if by removing the scope then I would be able to use the TruTech sights I have mounted.)

Is someone could guide me towards the manufacturer and part numbers for options on both fixed and removable, it would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance,
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