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I shoot and reload for .30 Carbine, and for 7.62x54R.

PPU (Privi Patisan, AKA "Monarch") Is available for .30 Carbine in reloadable boxer primed brass. Price is comparable to .223 Rem. (About $22 for 50 round box.) Remington is a couple of dollars more per Box.

For the 7.62x54 R for me shooting in my rifle I mostly shoot the Spam can stuff. I reload for Mrs. M&P's rifle. As she has previous back and neck injuries. Shoulder wise recoil does not bother her. Though after a few rounds of surplus ammo her neck and back start to hurt, and it is time to go home.

I use Privi Partisan brass for her rifle. $16 and some change for 20 rounds loaded. The brass is reloadable, and has held up to more than 12 reloads without need for trimming. I load them with Trail Boss so pressure is very low, and recloil is a non factor. I have used .310 Hornady 125 grain SP, .311 Sierra Hot-Core, and Remington .308 110&115 grain FMJ. All have shot under 2 inch groups at 50 yards with iron sights from kneeling.
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