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BTW -- who was the "expert" who said this? Was this the firearms course instructor, or an attorney? I ask because I'm an NRA certified instructor. I'm pretty sure the course Connecticut looks for is the NRA 'Basic Pistol" course, which is one of the courses I'm certified to teach. And the NRA is VERY clear that in presenting this course (or any course) I am NOT allowed to offer any advice regarding the law. I am supposed to find a qualified attorney or LEO (yeah, right, an LEO who knows the law -- guffaw) to present that segment of the class.
I have found with these 'courses' (some of them, not all), you will find you're dealing w/opinions. This was probably just a basic course needed to get a CCW as one example, and the instructor was obviously clueless on the issue. The same sort of thing happens at a driving course one might take due to too many speeding infractions. The man might be quoting law from his memory of years and years ago which is false. I know one guy was claiming the redlight tickets were enforceable, go on your insurance, etc (I am talking about the pictures). Well, this might be the case in delaware or washington DC (and I should add even they don't go on your driving record), but in my state it is against the law to even send a vehicle operator a ticket even if they have the picture. It has to become a law first. Other examples are "barracks lawyers" in the military, 'gunstore lawyers', your basic avergae joe cop telling you if something is ok or not when they might be way off.
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