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Several things to consider:

[1] The statute isn't the whole story. Case law, how courts in Connecticut have interpreted and applied statutory law, is also very important.

[2] I can conceive of a court finding a distinction between standing your ground in the face of an attack, on one hand, and leaving a place of relative safety to seek out a possible confrontation, on the other. And it would be interesting to know if a Connecticut court has looked at the question of leaving a place of safety when a family might be unaccounted for.

[3] I raise those points merely to identify some issues that might warrant further research. I've not done any research myself and have no idea whether, or how, the courts of Connecticut have addressed these matters.

[4] But in any case, most defensive trainers will advise against solo house clearing unless one had no other choice (e. g., an unaccounted for family member).
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