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Ok, since its a Beretta 3901 - I'm sure it has screw in chokes...and yes, most of us have other chokes for our guns ....that we use on live game birds and in the clay target games....picking a choke is based on the "kill distance you expect" ...because the idea is to put a 36" pattern out there, at the kill range, with enough density that a bird or clay can't fly thru it without dying... from more open to tighter...chokes are: and in general, this choke will give you that 36" pattern at approximately these ranges

Cyclinder Choke ....out to 20 yds
Skeet Choke ....20 - 30 yds
Improved Cyclinder 25 - 35 yds
Modified ...30 - 40 yds
Improved Modified ...35 - 45 yds
Full ...beyond 45 yds...

Every gun barrel -- and every choke is a little different...but the above will give you some guidelines.

If you're on a budget can get by with a Modified....and maybe an Improved Cyclinder..../ add a Skeet or Open Cyclinder if you want .../ and add a Full if you want.....

Most of us carry 6 chokes for our primary guns ....Cyclinder, Skeet, Improved Cyclinder, Modified, Improved Modified, Full.../ I like extended chokes so I can read what I have in the barrel easily - going with Beretta in your case - or Briley, etc ...probably makes no difference. I'd stay with the style of Beretta choke that is in the gun ....take it out of the gun ..and read what it says on it... Then check out Briley's site ...and find your specific choke style ...Beretta uses more than one style in their guns.
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