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I refuse to buy bulk .22 LR any more. It's all crap. ...especially the Remington stuff. But, it isn't much more money to upgrade to decent ammo that doesn't have the failure rates, accuracy issues, and inconsistencies of the bulk ammo.

I went through 18 different types of .22 LR, before settling on these as the best of the "cheap" (in my firearms).

For hunting:
Federal Champion Target 40 gr Solid (RN) - punches clean holes through stuff like squirrels but expands reasonably in Rabbits and similar animals, and it's decently accurate (~1-1/8" @ 100 yards)

Federal Game-Shock 31 gr HP - great HP, but not quite as accurate as the 40 gr RN (~1.5" @ 100 yards)

ArmsCor 36 gr HP - great HP, but a little dirty (~3/4" @ 100 yards)

I order the ArmsCor and Fed Champion Target loads by the case (5,000 rounds) when they're on sale, and it ends up being cheaper than buying that ridiculously inferior bulk ammo I discussed above. You just need a little more cash up front.
I don't use the 31 gr HP very often, so I just buy it by the brick (500) when it's on sale.
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