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Uncle nick, I am using a 26" barrel, 34gr of aa2230 and 53 gr sierra hpfb. I asked the question for a couple of reasons , first I am considering purchasing quick load and was exploring how it might advantage me. Secondly to see if it was a plausible theory and how it plays out.

Clark I am getting 3555 fps with 34 gr of aa2230, I haven't checked 4064 yet, with 36 gr of varget I get 3650.

Uncle nick, sounds like you are suggesting magnum primers, I am using cci200s with aa2230. My Sd is 19 and es is 53, so that may help. Currently groups ~.31-.5. I do like the way it meters and it does seem cleaner.

Sounds like you guys are pleased with. Quick load? Im going download the demo, I want something more then a db for loads.

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