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I have also used Mike at Mastercast before and I'm still working through some 45ACP 200gr LSWC from him. The problem was it took 6 weeks to get them after my order and I had no stock on hand. His prices are the best and quality is outstanding but that doesn't help me if I can't get them when I need them.

I now use Alpha Bravo. They are only marginally more expensive than Mike and they answer the phone when you call. They were relocating their entire shop when I placed my order and I still had my bullets delivered within 7 business days. They even shipped me an extra 200 bullets over my order because of a substitution (they didn't have enough hard cast in stock and asked if I would rather wait or get the softer ones). I haven't tried Dardas, but these seem to be a little cheaper.

Just my two cents.
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